14,000 Things To Be Happy About

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14,000 Things To Be Happy About


Originally published 25 years ago from a list that Barbara Ann Kipfer started making as a child, it’s the book that marries obsession with happiness. And it now has 4,000 fresh and more current reasons to be happy.

  • Rabbit tracks in the snow. 
  • Kiteboarding and kitesurfing. 
  • Caramel gelato.
  • Scoring super-high on a Scrabble turn. 
  • Babies burping.
  • Summer storms. 
  • White cupcakes with multicolored sprinkles. 
  • Big red barns. 
  • 20 minutes all to yourself.

No opinions, no explanations, no asides, no footnotes, editorializing, or proselytizing. Just the simple premise of a list of things that make us smile. With its chunky shape, striking black-and-white cover, and 100 whimsical illustrations by Pierre Le-Tan, the new 14,000 Thingsis an irresistible catalog of good thoughts completely updated to reflect today’s world—and an uplifting gift for people of all moods and all ages. A mesmerizing bestseller.

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