Porcelain Pitcher

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Edgewoodmade pitchers.png

Porcelain Pitcher


Raw porcelain pitcher with faceted design works for anything from serving drinks to a decorative vase. This sculptural serving piece consists of a matte, raw porcelain exterior with a gloss glaze interior allowing it to hold liquid. Handmade porcelain construction combines beauty with durability and suits both casual and more formal tables. Available in three nature-inspired colors.

  • Holds approximately 48 oz.

  • 4.75"W x 7.25"D x 10.75"H

  • Available in Charcoal (Black), Dry Sage (Grey), Woodland (Beige)

Dishwasher safe

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Edgewood Made exists within the intersection of nature and manufacturing. They use nature as inspiration and manufacturing as their medium – following the rules that both set in place, but never allow for one take over the other. Edgewood Made creates goods for every aspect of life in the home, believing that well-made objects should be a part of our everyday lives, and that these objects should intrigue and draw in the user more and more with each use.  Their forms and proportions reference nature and its hidden geometries that dictate how natural structures grow and form shape.

Edgewood Made is driven to not only bring manufacturing back to America, but also make sure that it is of the highest quality by obtaining materials at their rawest form, and maintaining close control over each step. Great care is taken in each detail, insuring that their craftsmanship is at the highest level.